1:1 Course

Why choose ISE

Personalization route

Language experts test the students' level, advise and design a learning path in accordance with current desires and abilities. Students can build their own learning topics to serve their individual needs (settlement, study abroad, etc.)

Active study timetable

Be proactive and flexible in study schedule and number of sessions attendance according to student's wishes, allowed to register for more than 10 class time frames a day, up to 6 days a week.

Personal teachers & teaching assistants

Highly qualified Vietnamese and Native teachers with many years of teaching experience arranged according to students' requirements. Personal assistants support before and after the lesson throughout the process.

Focus on core knowledge

Focus on building core knowledge, improving the weaknesses and difficulties students are facing. Ignore learned or unnecessary knowledge to speed up progress, shorten the route.

E-learning & test system

Review and evaluate knowledge after each lesson with an E-learning system that stores thousands of short, single-objective video lectures and an exclusive test system with a variety of optional topics.

Output quality commitment

Up to the present, 100% of students taking the 1-1 intensive courses have met or exceeded the output goals as comitted from the training contract of ISE.



ISE's dedicated and enthusiastic teachers


Inspirational area

Experience the best learning space in HCM City


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